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Invitation - Lapland Trophy 2014 - 15.-19. July

Tenth Lapland Trophy is organised again in Raajärvi.

The dates are 15.-19. July. Each day will be spent driving the selected off-road track(s), lead by a group leader. One can participate the days one chooses, the days are similar, except that there will be different tracks for every day (unless the group specifically wants to drive some track again).

Daily schedule is like this in all five days:

  • Breakfast in Mainari 08:00 – 09:00
  • Drivers meeting and group forming starting at 09:00
  • Starts as soon as the group is ready
  • Lunch in the wilderness, own food/supplies
    • Note: camp fire not possible if the terrain is too dry!
  • Returning to Mainari by 18:00
  • Dinner in Mainari 18:00 – 20:00
  • Sauna in Mainari 17:00 – 22:00
  • Silence in the accommodation buildings 22:30 – 06:30

Group forming is done based on the vehicles and the drivers; group size target is 4-8 vehicles. Group leader is one of the organisers. Groups are formed depending on the participants each day, but the overall ”spec” for the groups is something like this:

  • Small tyres: stock cars and/or in-experienced drivers, tyre size max. 31 inches
  • Medium class: slightly built cars, more experienced drivers, tyre size max. 33 inches
  • Big tyres: purpose-built cars and experienced drivers, tyre size recommendation max. 36”

The car/driver(s) combination as a whole will impact the group selection, for example a Suzuki with 33” tyres could go to a big tyre group. One can participate with a car over 36” tyres, but the track will be selected according to the average in the group.

All cars in the big tyre groups must have a working winch, and winch is also recommended in the medium class groups. All cars and ATVs in the event must be MOT inspected and insured (i.e. perfectly street legal), so-called temporary license plates are not allowed in this event.

Everybody participates to the event at their own risk. Participants will be required to pay for any damage they might cause to others.

Lapland Trophy event center is in the Old Mining Village in Raajärvi, the best off road center in Finland. The Old Mining Village in Raajärvi has accommodation facilities, fully licensed restaurant and excellent possibilities to repair vehicles. Map link to Raajärvi: Karttapaikka

Raajärvi is located 65 kilometers from Rovaniemi, first 41 km towards Kemijärvi (road number 4 until Vikajärvi, then road number 82), and then to the right from Misi (road number 9444) for 24 kilometers.

Please note that there can be so called "blind spots" in GSM network in the Raajärvi area. We recommend using Sonera GSM network, which works the best in the area. Raajärvi area is owned by Ministry of Forestry; which is a state enterprise that administers state-owned land and water areas. There are large areas in Raajärvi that can be used for off road driving.

CB and/or PMR radios are recommended for inter-group communications.

Event cost for participants is 65 euros per day per person. This includes two meals (breakfast and dinner), accommodation and saunas.

Participants can take their own sheets, pillowcase and towels, or rent these from Mainari.

Participation day is calendar day, so it’s starts from the breakfast. Rooms need to be empty and fairly tidy by 09:00 in the morning when one is leaving Lapland Trophy.

Pre-registration to the event is to be done in Lapland Trophy web pages (

Participants need to registrate for each day early in the morning in restaurant Mainari.

The nearest markets and gas stations are in Vikajärvi, Pirttikoski and Kemijärvi.

The event is organised by Northern Finland Off Road Association (Pohjois-Suomen Off Road Yhdistys).


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