Registration is done by e-mail ( More information
is available also in Lapland Trophy Facebook.

Registration is confirmed then the first days participation fees (e.g. two persons -> 150 euros) has been paid in Lapland Trophy bank account:

  • Bank: OKO Bank Finland, Helsinki
  • IBAN account number: FI50 5131 0020 0991 65

Please contact the organisers in case help or support is needed with pre-registration or payments.

Information needed in pre-registration:

  • Car make and model, registration number plate and tyre size
  • Driver name and address (street address, post office name and number, country)
  • Driver phone number and e-mail address
  • The name(s) and phone number(s) of co-driver(s)
  • The total number of participants in the car
  • For which days one is participating (to be informed very clearly)

NOTE: pre-registration is STRONGLY recommended. If Mainari accommodation capacity becomes full, those who have made the pre-registration have priority.

If the registration is cancelled latest a month before the event, the whole registration fee will be returned. If the cancellation is done after that but before the first day of the event, half of the registration fees will be returned.

Contact info